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Become part of our unique performances on September 21 and help bring the stories of Buitenplaats Koningsweg in Arnhem to life. Become part of a living artwork. Have you always wanted to do a performance? Join the start of a special event that we aim to repeat for the next 10 years. Without you, we can’t make this happen. Are you curious about how this will develop? Under the guidance of Kees Kool, Zuza Conçalves, and Nick Demeris, you’ll discover the hidden history of this former military site.


  What can you expect? 



Workshops: From 10:00 AM, we prepare for the afternoon performance. Discover the stories and methods we will use.


Eating Together 

Lunch: From 12:00 to 1:30 PM, we enjoy a healthy lunch with fresh soup, organic salads, and homemade bread. Choose a ticket that includes lunch or bring your own meal.


Singing Together 

Singing: From 1:30 to 2:00 PM, we sing together with “Musica do Circulo.” Zuza Conçalves brings his expertise from São Paulo to us, supported by Nick and Kees.

Watch an impression [here]


Performing Together 

Performance: At 2:00 PM, we start with three 20-minute performances. In the workshops beforehand, you’ll discover exactly how we approach this. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Stories from the Earth:  Dig one meter deep and discover sediment layers from the Ice Age, about 150,000 years old. These layers, like tree rings or LP grooves, become visible and audible.
  • Earth Rays and Ley Lines:  Use a divining rod to make the energy of earth rays and ley lines tangible. Can you imagine what they sound like? What sound from the earth will we bring forth?
  • Sounds from the forest:  Walk through the forest in two groups and experience the sounds of your steps and movements. Aware of each step, we adjust our sound as the groups cross each other.


Sharing Experiences Together 

Experience Sharing:   After the performances, we discuss the day’s experiences. To conclude, enjoy a performance at the estate’s hangar.


Join Us! 

Buy your tickets and prepare for a day full of discovery, connection, and creativity. We look forward to meeting you and creating an unforgettable experience together.