Festival Ticket with access to all activities €195! * / ***
Festival ticket, students discount (limited availability) €95!


With the Festival ticket you get:

4 circlesong events

3 double concerts

2 wild card concerts

and the choice out of 4 workshops (pending availability; workshop reservations will be handled on first come first served basis)**

* there is a limited amount (30) of early bird tickets available. Check the sales site with the links above   

** when paid, you will receive an email to choose your workshops. 

*** we try very hard to inform you clearly. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail. You can use the icon at the top. If you prefer a phone call please let us know by e-mail.    

Single workshop tickets will be sold only after festival ticket holders have been able to choose their workshops

There will also be day tickets:  €95 (Saturday and Sunday)


With the Festival ticket you get:

1 circlesong event

1 double concerts

1 wild card concerts

2 workshops


Single ticket prices:

Double concert                           €25

Wildcard concert                      €8

Circle singing                               €10

Workshops                                   €34