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After two successful editions of the Improvisation Festival in 2019 and 2021, we have decided to take a different approach for the third Dutch edition – a retreat-style experience. While the previous focus was on promotion, concerts, offering skills and making vocal improvisation accessible, this year emphasizes the immersive experience within a small, secure group. The essence lies in singing together in the moment and singing for each other.




Our lineup of vocal improvisation experts is ready to make it all feel remarkably ordinary and within reach. All of this will unfold in a stunning natural setting, offering beautiful accommodations in the middle of the forest, delightful culinary experiences, and the joy of sharing it all with like-minded individuals. And for that last part, you’ll need to contribute your own unique energy.




Join us for a transformative journey where vocal improvisation takes center stage in an intimate and supportive setting. Discover the beauty of spontaneous musical expression, surrounded by nature, comfortable lodgings, delicious meals, and wonderful company.

IFNL.NL – where vocal improvisation becomes an extraordinary retreat.

Joey Blake, Bobby McFerrin, David Worm 

Thanks, to these wonderful improvisers for the exemplary path they took, which is still showing us the way today. Also grateful for Rhiannon and Roger Treece in making it accessible in there teaching-methode . 


“IFNL festival ticket”

gives full Full access to:

  • luxery lodging in the forrest
  • 2 Dinner 2 breakfast 3 lunches 
  • concerts
    • Circle singing SESSIONS
    • the opening concert
    • the open mic party 
  • workshops by masters in vocal improvisation,
  • Coaching by masters in Improvisation
  • Singing with and for each other
  • Experience the sining community  
  • singing experience in nature 

We will open up the lunch workshop and nature walk to a bigger group that can join us in this part

Preliminary program

Time for you to step into the moment 

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program overview


Adelaerthoeve, buitenplaats, Arnhem   




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Every year a vocal improvisation festival?

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september 2024 

IFNL.nl  2024

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Be in time to sign up! Workshop bookings will be processed in order. So, don’t be late and get your tickets in time!