Concerts 2022

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Circle singing          St. Nicolaas Kapel

a circle singing gathering lead by Nicoline Snaas in the public domain as a gift to the city and the citizens


canisius college

Circle singing opening the circle

Roger Treece, Joey Blake and Others will lead the circle to open the festival

Roger Treece 

Joey Blake

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double concert

Pop-up & MAZE voices 

POP-UP band are three international singers: Rahel Comtesse (Germany), Roberto Demo (Italy) and Kees Kool (Netherlands). They appear as a trio and sing with friends on stage vocal improvised concerts. In this 2022 edition they will be enforced by Sofia Ribeiro (Columbia/ Portugal / Spain)  

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MAZE Voices won the “NKF best Choir in the Netherlands” award in 2018. AT IF, they’ll show off their improvisational side

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wild card concert

on the small stage an act wil be given the free hand to amaze us with improvised music

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Circlesinging joining the circle

Joey Blake and others of our circle song team will invite you to join the circle and sing along

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Blue Planet concert

Roger Treece,

Merel martens


Dutch Dreams 


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From far away, Earth looks blue – the result of the combination of all the colors of our planet. 


Now imagine, from far away, what would the combination of all of the earth’s musical elements sound like? 


That’s the BLUE PLANET experience: a blend of musical vocabularies from around the world.


The music is composed and directed by Roger Treece and supported by Merel Martens (Vopa). They will lead a select group of singers and several guests of IFNL, chosen especially for this concert, and will perform the music in a way that it’s never been sung before, giving us all a unique little moment in space and time.


Come and experience our Blue Planet.

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wild card concert by 

Guillermo Rozenthuler & Jaka Skapin 


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Sunday Matinee 

freeplay Duo 

Suba Sankaran & Dylan Bell 

FreePlay Duo improvising  

Suba and Dylan will perform for you with songs and loops and this time they will improvise even more and maybe with some of the artists who joined the festival. 

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Circlesinging closing  the circle

We will have some moments of gratitude and thanks before Roger Treece, Joey Blake and others will lead us in the community singing that lead us into closing the circle and this festival

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